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A Memoir of Personal Struggle and Unbreakable Hope

Tiffany Andersen shares her intimate and inspirational award

winning memoir, Finding Faith,  


LAS VEGAS, NV (March 21, 2017) – Tiffany Andersen was a cheerleader; popular, and surrounded by loving friends and family.  Yet from a young age, she always had a  powerful and intuitive feeling that she would be impacted by tragedy.  From the advice of her mother, she started praying daily to God for her safety and she considered Him her best friend.  She looked to Him for constant comfort and trust.  Then the unimaginable happened and her earlier premonitions suddenly became a reality and a nightmare. She persevered through physical rehabilitation for over six months, and continued to live with emotional trauma.  Now coping with physical addiction chemical she was then diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Her ongoing strength to battle this aggressive disease while using alternative medicines eventually led to her true passion in life and living a toxin-free━spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Finding Faith: A Memoir (Hardway Press; 2013; $14.95; softcover) is her personal account, and relatable story, of finding strength through faith despite challenging circumstances.  Tiffany endured multiple painful surgeries and even more painful recoveries. Drowning her sorrows, she medicated her deep-seated pain, ignoring the warning signs, as the internal scars had not healed.  She found the answer in her Christian faith and was able pull herself from the brink of utter darkness back into the Light.

In this day and time everyone knows someone who has been affected by opioids, cancer, and even a struggle with their faith or commitment.  This memoir is written by a woman that has found a new mission in her life to help others find hope, despite challenging circumstances, and find their strength in something much greater than themselves.  Finding Faith is available online at


Tiffany Andersen is one of Las Vegas’ most respected licensed medical aestheticians and holistic health practitioners with more than twenty years experience.  This is the second edition of her award winning autobiography Finding Faith (named Best Autobiography in 2014 by Xulon Press, the largest Christian publisher in the nation)  She was a contributing author to the soul-inspiring book 365 Moments of Grace that became an international best-seller within 24 hours of release on  Tiffany’s spiritual journey led her to the development of the organic skincare line Gavée Gold—officially launched in 2015 after three years of research and development—and subsequently, the development of Salts Alive, an organic bath and body line that launched in early 2017.  She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband Tony and her Chihuahua “baby” Chopper.  To learn more about Tiffany Andersen’s Finding Faith please visit, follow us on Facebook @FindingFaithBook, Instagram, and Twitter @FindingFaithTA.

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By Tiffany Andersen

Hardway Press

$14.95 098402214-7