Tiffany’s incredible story of life, love, and tragedy to triumph captures readers from the first chapter, taking them on a powerful and inspiring journey. Take a peek at some excerpts to see why the publishers of Xulon Press chose Finding Faith as Best Autobiography.

Page 21


“I was in a car accident?” I said, weakly.


“Yes …September 1970 …9 …7 …”


The ambulance siren was so loud I could barely hear the men talking.

“I can’t feel anything,” I said with all the breath and strength I had. “I can’t feel my legs.”

Page 23

“The worst?” my mom wailed, interrupting him. “How could it possibly get any worse?”

“She has three crushed vertebrae.” Dr. Harrison stammered. “She … will never walk again.”

Page 55

“God, why didn’t you just let me die in that accident? I would have been better off in heaven.”

Page 94

“Dear God … please forgive me … I didn’t mean it … what have I done?” A cold wind blew through the open window, rustled the curtains, and —as quickly as the dark cloud had appeared—pushed it back to wherever it came from.  

Page 94

Dear God … do you still even hear me? Why did you save me? I am worthless!

My mother’s last words were ringing through my head: “You can do anything you want.”

Page 106

I knew my body was breaking down. Something lurked ahead … and this time Jesus might be coming to take me home. But whatever message God was sending me was being blocked, and I wanted to keep it that way. I didn’t want to believe I was nearing The End.

Page 156

Before, I was at least healthy during the week. Now I didn’t care. When I got home from work, I took a ton of pain meds my doctor had prescribed to keep me pain-free from the damage that had been done to my back. So many it was unreal: Soma, Restoril, Vicodin, and Xanax. My friends were always trying to score meds off of me. I quickly became known as The Pharmacy.

Page 190

I knew then, the same as before my accident, God wanted to do something great with me and Tony, but not if we were living a lie. We were no earthly good to him right now. I felt like God was preparing us for something bigger than we could ever imagine. If God allowed that thing to touch us it was for a reason, so we could be that much more on fire for him.

Page 220

“Tiffany,” his tone was serious, “there is a tumor the size of a grapefruit in your chest, but stay calm. It doesn’t mean the tumor is automatically cancer … it could be benign. We won’t know until we get a biopsy.”

Page 231

I fell to my knees and finally got it … I was not ready to meet Jesus, nor was I worthy of it. Empty excuses were all that remained as to why I did not do what I’d promised God. I wanted to walk through the gates of heaven and hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 25:21) But I had failed him—the Almighty. I had not shown anyone the way like I promised my mother I would. What if God was done with me?

Page 257

I wasn’t prepared for that. We had just come out of a huge battle, and now Satan was telling me he was coming for my beloved? I wasn’t ready for another fight, but I knew how to battle the Evil One. My prayer warriors taught me that I was going to have to live it out one prayer after another.